As a dog owner for many years and presently, I always home-prepared meals for them. I was not comfortable feeding my dogs the foods that were commercially available at the time, filled with preservatives, additives, dyes and by-products.

I started formulating “MEAT MUFFINS” in 2000 and was ready in 2004 to launch three fantastic recipes into the dog food market.

I created “MEAT MUFFINS” using quality meats, vegetables, fruits and highly digestible grains to create a healthy home-prepared diet. All of the ingredients used are 100% HUMAN GRADE to ensure the highest purity.

For over two decades I have been sharing the benefits of “MEAT MUFFINS” with other dog owners. With veterinarian input and educational courses on animal health, I was able to develop a vet and animal nutritionist recommended product that I believe is superior.