Dog Food and Meat Muffins F.A.Q.

bone   What’s in it?
A complete analysis is available on our product sites: » Chicken, » Beef and » Elk.

bone   Isn’t it unhealthy to feed my dog people-food?
No. It is understanding the difference between quality left-overs and table scraps. Good food for your dog are extra lean pieces of meat or cooked fresh vegetables without sauces, but Rover does not need to eat gristle and gravy, or lick the pan.

bone   What about conventional dog food?
Here you can find some information about conventional dog food: » Conventional Dog Food.

bone   Where can I buy MEAT MUFFINS?
Meat Muffins are available at the retail locations, a list of which you can find on our » Retail Locations page.

bone   How do I choose good dog foods or treats?
Good dog food comes with natural or no preservatives. Animal-based protein source is the predominant ingredient (chicken or beef). Rely on reputable manufacturers who stand behind their product. Also look for products using whole-food ingredients.

bone   Dogs like garlic?
In fact, carnivores have a poorly developed sense of taste, smell is much more important to them. The dog has 1700 taste buds to people’s 9000. Garlic stimulates the digestive tract, increases circulation and eases arthritis discomforts. Other benefits include lowering cholesterol, inhibiting tumor growth, preventing brain deterioration, and the contained sulfur lowers blood pressure.

bone   My dog has an allergy.
Dogs can be prone to food intolerance and allergies. If you have concerns about any of our ingredients, consult your veterinarian.

bone   How did you start doing this?
For more information on “Pleased Pets”, please refer to the » About “Pleased Pets” page.

bone   Will my dog get fat?
Just like people, dogs need proper nutrition and exercise. With close monitoring, this should not be an issue. (But don’t forget: those in-between-meal-treats account for their daily intake as well.)

bone   How do I know my dog is healthy?
Sure signs of a healthy dog are: soft and shiny coat, high energy, brightness in their eyes, strong immune system, less excrement and little or no doggy odor.