Here is what our customers are saying:

bone   Kim Humphreys and Dave Montpetit, Kelowna, British Columbia:
Our dog Bentley has been enjoying “MEAT MUFFINS” by Pleased Pets for over 5 years.  One muffin a day has helped maintain his overall good health, sustain high energy level, and made his coat shine.  We believe in the products and highly recommend all three recipes!

In loving memory of Holden, he was also a customer of Pleased Pets. For over 15 years Holden enjoyed his daily “MEAT MUFFIN”! He is missed & will always remain the “The Meat Muffin King”.

bone  Rascals – The Barking Lot, Calgary, Alberta04
“MEAT MUFFINS” by Pleased Pets are highly recommended by the staff and our clients at “Rascals – The Barking Lot”. We have carried “MEAT MUFFINS” for over 15 years. As a retailer, we maintain a high standard of quality with the pet products we sell and sincerely care about the well-being of all pets. Pleased Pets products have proven to be a dog’s favorite… over and over again.

bone   Carla Jones, Calgary, Alberta:

Lola has been enjoying “MEAT MUFFINS” since she was six months old.  We searched high and low for a quality dog food that she would love, is also good for her and contains ingredients that I can actually pronounce! Now 11 years old, Lola’s weight stays constant, she runs and plays likes shes a much younger dog. Thank you for making such a quality product that I would not hesitate to recommend (and do) to anyone going around in circles trying to find the best food option for their fur babies.