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bone   Kim Humphreys and Dave Montpetitholden
Our dogs Holden and Bentley have been enjoying Meat Muffins by Pleased Pets for over 15 years.  One muffin a day has helped maintain their overall good health, sustain high energy level, and made their coats shine.  We believe in the product and highly recommend all three recipes!

bone    Rod Campos from The Barking Lot, Calgary, Alberta: 04
“MEAT MUFFINS” by Pleased Pets are highly recommended by the staff and our clients at “The Barking Lot” for over 15 years. As a retailer that tries to maintain a high standard of quality pet products and sincerely cares about the well-being of all pets, “Meat Muffins” have proven to be a dog’s favorite… over and over again.

bone   Caroline Maloney and Benny from Drumheller, AB:Benny

What I especially like about Meat Muffins is not only are they super good for Benny or any dog, but they make it easy to travel with. I take two or three out of the freezer and put them in a small container, and can go for a few days with them, as they thaw, and are kept cold, of course. I can’t do that as easily with raw meat! And of course, those chicken minis are always a hit for him. He loves them, and I know they are easy on his stomach, too.